Wrinkle treatment

Wrinkle treatment

"Clostridium botulinum" is a type of bacterium that originates from the medicinal protein application and is called wrinkle treatment. The protein, which was used in ancient times to treat eye diseases, has also been used to remove wrinkles, and is a non-surgical, cosmetically accepted method. The wrinkle treatment reduces the vertical appearance and affects the muscle movements for a certain time, especially the forehead wrinkles, lines around the eyes and in the middle of the eyebrows and the neck muscles. The application of wrinkle treatment takes place by direct intervention in the muscles with fine needles. The duration of this wrinkle treatment is about 4-6 months, but varies from person to person. This period affects the age and condition of the applied area. It facilitates the lines and also prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

The wrinkle treatment is a non-surgical treatment for the removal of middle and deep wrinkles. Everybody wants to stay young and feel young. In recent times, wrinkle treatment has become one of the most common methods for doing so.

When the Botox structure is examined, it is a protein produced from the bacterium "Clostridium botulinum". It has long been used in ophthalmology and neurology and has found a deep-rooted entry into cosmetics in recent years. People who want to stay young because of their non-surgery, whether women or men, use this method.

Although wrinkle treatment is also a part of aesthetic surgery, recently, in addition to the women who most prefer this application, even men, in order to prevent aging, have opted for such methods.

In which areas is wrinkle treatment applied?

It is generally used for facial wrinkles, especially between the eyebrows, on the sides of the eyes, and for medium and deep wrinkles on the neck. One of the reasons why women prefer this application is especially the raising of the eyebrows.

Although the duration of wrinkle treatment varies between 15 and 20 minutes, and when a general definition is made, it does not exceed 30 minutes. The visual effect is noticeable a few days after the application, when looking in the mirror. In a few weeks, the effect is completely visible. The application, wrinkle treatment, is not a one-time application. This means that this treatment can be carried out in the Geishtsbereich and in other areas, in several places.

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