Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA Therapy is a new and highly effective cosmetic treatment that revitalizes and brightens the skin. Salmon DNA; is a skin regeneration and healing blend that is made by enriching salmon with polynucleotides (DNA molecules) with hyaluronic acid and glutathione.

Effects: Advancing age, harmful factors in the working environment, excessive sun exposure and dry skin (depending on the genetics of the skin) cause rapid and fine wrinkles. At the dehydrated skin, the flakes arise, begins to hang easily and the skin looks dull. This is where salmon DNA comes into play. Salmon DNA, which can absorb thousands of times its own volume of water, increases the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the areas where it is injected. The skin is moistened, tightened and glossy. Fine wrinkles and sun spots disappear. With its DNA protective effect, it provides a very effective sunscreen. For this reason, it is of great advantage to be used in the summer months and especially during long exposure to sunlight. In addition, the treatment of bags under the eyes, pregnancy-related stretch marks, the removal of scars and age spots such as the increase in skin firmness is an effective treatment option. In addition to increasing collagen production, it delays the effects of aging by removing free radicals in the cells.

Treatment procedure: The DNA treatment is a treatment with 3 to 6 sessions at intervals of 2-3 weeks. Each session lasts 40-45 minutes, including the preparation process. The applied substance causes no pain. The application is not painful, as it is applied with very fine pointed syringes. Mild rashes, due to injections, disappear very quickly after administration. In addition, the Dermaroller can also be injected with local massages, electroporations or iontophoresis. The effects of the application will be visible from the next day. Increased resuscitation, moistening and shine of the skin is more noticeable after the second session. According to your doctor's recommendations, you should continue with 3 or 6 sessions. The effect lasts for a year. If you undergo several additional treatments every 6 months, the efficacy will be sustained.


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