What is aesthetic Surgery - and what not?

What is aesthetic Surgery - and what not?

When it comes to aesthetic surgery, it usually involves plastic surgery and all surgical procedures that are treated in this area. In addition, aesthetic surgery can often be confused with skin care applications. Contrary to the misunderstanding, dentists' surgery is generally a minor branch of plastic surgery applications. Surgery in plastic surgery often benefits from applications in aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is another name for aesthetic surgery.

Two confusing concepts: What are the differences between plastic and aesthetic surgery?

The biggest difference between aesthetic and plastic surgery is in these two areas. In plastic surgery usually limbs and tissues are reconstructed, which have lost their own function in the body. In other words, the re-functionalization of body tissues and limbs that do not function as before in the body is considered a field of plastic surgery. Estetik izmir esthetic surgery is concerned with the replacement of areas of the body tissue and limbs that do not look good compared to humans. So it's more focused on cosmetics. Depending on this focus, operations are provided that are difficult to touch. People can use aesthetic surgery methods if they want a better appearance of a part of their body. In summary, "Aesthetic Surgery" is a medical branch of "plastic and reconstructive surgery" and can not be distinguished from it. The aesthetic surgical operations are no different from the other branches of medical operations.

There is still a little difference between the two surgical procedures. People undergoing aesthetic surgery are generally considered medically normal and healthy. This means that the areas where aesthetic surgery is performed are actually medically normal body parts. In other words, aesthetic surgery is not necessarily mandatory surgery for your health. Plastic surgery is usually performed for compulsory health problems.

Why have aesthetic operations become so popular?

The definition of aesthetics in the field of health is not only physical, but also social and spiritual. Most plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons state that it aims to correct problems that cause functional and visual discomfort to the person through aesthetic surgery. Most nonaesthetic face and body images have a negative impact on social life. Because one feels a social defect due to the areas on one's own body that one does not find beautiful. It is not possible to speak of a complete state of health if one feels socially incomplete.

Many people resort to aesthetic surgery to correct areas where they feel socially incomplete. For the person, the non-aesthetic appearance of the body or face is a very shocking reason for self-confidence.

There is a great deal of interest in aesthetic surgery operations that aim to correct the appearance of the face and body, resulting in a lack of self-confidence. Looking at the data covering the whole world, it can be seen that 92% of the people providing aesthetic surgery are women. It can be seen that men provide aesthetic surgery in areas such as hair transplantation and finding a solution to the problem of the big breast. One of the most preferred cosmetic operations of women is nasal aesthetics, breast enlargement and reduction, and hip aesthetics.

Misfortunes caused by cosmetic surgery that are not performed by medical specialists can have an emotional, stressful impact on patients.

Most aesthetic surgeries are not really performed to restore health. Therefore, it is very sad for the patients, if you do not see the appearance after aesthetic surgery, what you wanted. A big problem is when the person who has decided on an aesthetic operation himself does not see the result he hoped for. For this reason, it is important that aesthetic operations are performed by specialists who are truly experts in their field. Aesthetic surgery should be performed in clinics or hospitals to avoid problems with the new image after surgery. In addition, it is best for people who want to undergo surgery to have their own health done by a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Certain procedures for aesthetic surgery that are not performed by specialized physicians cause serious medical problems. These complications are often very difficult to resolve. Izmir Aesthetic Surgery - Izmir Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery - Rhinoplasty - Breast Enlargement Operation - Breast Reduction Operation - Suturing Ears Operation and yet with many other services, Binterplast guarantees you the beauty.

Binterplast works with a team of experts in the fields of aesthetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics under the direction of Dr. med. Mübin Hoşnuter, who is prepared to solve all your aesthetic problems in Izmir with the help of his specialist knowledge.

What are the areas of aesthetic surgery?

Aesthetic surgery can involve many areas to alter the appearance of the face and body. The list below lists the most widely used, widely used and performed cosmetic and surgical applications in the world and turkey izmir. Most of these applications are also carried out by the professional Binterplast team.

Tummy tuck: This is the tautening process that is performed on the entire abdomen or on certain areas of the abdomen to reshape the person's abdomen. It is especially used to correct bulging, sagging, stretch marks and celluloid on the abdomen due to pregnancy or weight changes. It is divided into two main categories, as complete distention of the abdomen or as minimal distention of the abdomen.

Blepharoplasty: It is an operation that is performed to solve the aesthetic problems of the eyelid skin. Fats and excess skin of the eyelid can herniate over time. Through these hernias falls the eyelid. From this situation, a person may be disturbed aesthetically, since the eyelid closes the eye and it may cause problems in the visual sense. Therefore, eyelid surgery can be performed.

Falloplasty: It is an aesthetic operation performed when men are not satisfied with their penis shape. Penis shape and size can be changed with this surgical procedure. Thus, the problems that occur during intercourse can be prevented.

Augmentation Mammoplasty: Means a breast augmentation surgery. The aesthetics of breast augmentation is usually applied in one's own tissue. However, if this tissue is not suitable, breast augmentation with artificial dentures may be performed. Breast augmentation surgeries are among the most popular surgeries worldwide.

Reduction Mammoplasty: Means a breast reduction. Breasts bigger than they should often cause pain in the person. Breast reduction occurs by removing the excess tissue in the breast. The problem with this surgery is that in women, the loss of mammary glands occurs due to the removal of breast tissue.

Mastopexy: It is known as breast lift. For aesthetic surgery surgeries Izmir, it is also one of the most preferred surgeries. This surgery can also be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. When breast augmentation is performed with a breast augmentation, it is called an enlargement mastopexy.

Correction of gynecomastia: In recent years, breast enlargement in men is one of the most common problems. Gynecomastia is referred to as the presence of more breast tissue in men than it should at all. The removal of excess breast tissue in men is also in the field of aesthetic surgery. When this excess tissue is removed from the body by liposuction or tissue removal, it is called gynecomastia correction.

Hip Augmentation: Is the given name for a hip enlargement operation. This operation is one of the world's most preferred operations. In this procedure, which is known for Kim Kardashian, a prosthesis can be used for both augmentation and one's own tissue.

Hip extension: It is a forming operation to tighten the buttocks.

Chemical peeling: The chemical peeling aims to improve the skin quality. Chemical peeling is not an operation. By using various chemical agents, the outer skin layer is removed and the skin is renewed.

Cryolipolysis: It is the process of using cold to freeze the skin's fat cells. Also called cold lipolysis. It is the process of freezing fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue and reducing the thickness of adipose tissue in certain regions.

Labioplasty: Women are often dissatisfied with the appearance of the external genitalia, especially the labium minus. An operation to reshape these external genitalia is called labioplasty.

Rhinoplasty: It is an aesthetic surgery performed on the nose. In this operation, the nose is reshaped. In addition, with this operation, a correction of any malfunction can be achieved. Aesthetic surgeries performed on the nose worldwide have a serious relationship between all aesthetic operations.

Otoplasty: These operations are performed to create an aesthetic image on the ear. This operation can solve problems that disturb the person's appearance, such as: B. Sail ears.

Ritidectomy: means facelift. It is an operation to correct the excess and sagging of the facial skin. This surgery corrects excess skin and sagging skin. This surgery eliminates lines, wrinkles, and hanging on the face due to severe weight loss or aging. In this surgery, the structure of the SMAS system is reversed as it forms the fat-nerve-muscle tissue in the face.

Genioplasty: An aesthetic operation to reshape the tip of the jaw. The tip of the jaw of most people is one of the most important factors that influence the image on the face. Too long chin tips usually cause people to feel bad.

Orthognathic surgery: This is an operation that is performed to correct the bone deformities on the face. This surgery can be performed by reshaping the facial bones with controlled fractures. In this surgical method, the jaw and / or middle bones are moved forward / backward, correcting the facial deformities.

Brachyoplasty: is an aesthetic arm extension surgery. Due to a fast and strong weight fluctuation, a hanging tissue is usually created on the arm, which is a poor appearance. This surgery is done to remove the excess skin on the arm and tighten the arm.

A skin renewal with Lazer: the laser is the process for exfoliating the skin. The laser treatment is not an operation. Skin renewal is provided by this method to improve skin quality.

Liposuction: The absorption of fats by vacuuming is called liposuction. When talking about aesthetics, it's the first concept that normally comes to mind. It is performed with the aid of a vacuum suction device to dilute and form the fatty tissue at the desired locations.

Hair transplant: It is used to treat alopecia due to hair loss after a pathological event. Hair transplantation is mostly preferred by men. Although there are many methods of hair transplantation, the most common method is the Fue method.

Aesthetic surgery does not always mean surgery?

When it comes to aesthetic surgery, I usually think of surgeries. However, surgery is not required in every cosmetic application. Aesthetic surgery is always seen as an application that contains surgical incisions and leaves marks on the body. However, this is a wrong idea. There are many non-surgical procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery.

  • Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics with important main tools
  • Procedure for thickening the lips
  • Fold opener applications that are designed to eliminate wrinkles
  • Filler applications with predominantly hyaluronic acid
  • With laser a rejuvenation of the face, neck and hands
  • Youth vaccines with different contents, procedures for volume recovery under the eyes
  • Prevents facial slackening with a rope technique made with the help of chemical peels
  • Laser operations in stem cell applications
  • These are aesthetic applications that can not be included in surgical teaching but are performed by dermatologists or aesthetic surgeons.

You can contact us for all aesthetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic surgery applications.

Interests Areas of Aesthetic Surgery:


Correction of all aesthetic and functional disorders of the nose

Breast aesthetics:

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, erection tightening, removal of asymmetries, reduction of skin excesses and subcutaneous adipose tissue and related applications


To achieve a normal appearance of the patients by removing the excessively enlarged breast tissue in the men, shaping of the belly fat in men. The excess fat on the man's stomach is removed and a part is used to create a six-pack.

Face lift - wrinkle removal:

Facial regeneration or facial rejuvenation (facelifting, eyelid, eye contour aesthetics, oral contour aesthetics, etc.) endoscopically performed forehead lift, eyebrow lift, eyelid correction of all aesthetic procedures, correction of problems in ears, pinna and other areas, chin enlargement and reduction operations, correction of facial contour with fat injections To ensure abundance

Method of body shaping:

Tummy tuck and abdominal aesthetics:

Correction of body contours by liposuction and fat injections, thinning of the waist, leg shaping, hip aesthetics implantation and shaping of legs and hips with fatty tissue

Other applications:

Correction of scars, removal of birthmarks, hair transplantation

Non-surgical rejuvenation and beautification procedures

All types of fillers and wrinkles, skin renewal, skin peeling, skin rejuvenation, non-surgical procedures such as facial straps.

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