Everything you want to know about the rhinoplasty and the details

Everything you want to know about the rhinoplasty and the details

The risks of a nose correction operation?

Although it is effective to reduce the risks of performing surgery by an experienced nasal aesthetic specialist, it should be noted that the risks of infection, bleeding and anesthesia may also occur as with other surgeries. Like any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty involves risks. Depending on the technique of nose correction (nasal aesthetics), the scar remaining after surgery may be different. Closed rhinoplasty can be done without visible scars. In open nose correction, however, there is little possibility of slight scarring. After a nose correction, a revision of the nasal aesthetics may be necessary. Although this ratio is very low in the literature, this risk should be considered. A new operation can be performed if the patient is dissatisfied and has a nasal shape that he finds uncomfortable, or if he has shortness of breath.

Which patients can undergo a nose job surgery?

Aesthetic nose surgery results in a physical change in the facial expression of the patient and increases self-esteem. However, while the preoperative wishes of the patients opting for this operation can be met, there is no guarantee that the nasal shape of another person can be accurately produced. All changes in the nose structure are related to the bone and cartilage structure of the nose and the person. Therefore, rhinoplasty assessments should evaluate patients' expectations along with the physician's advice and guidance, and make a joint decision. The best result is achieved when the patients pass on their realizable wishes to the surgeon and rely on the specialist. Successful results can not be achieved if patients are over-perfectionist. Candidates who have completed mental development to process the results achieved by the surgery and to understand that the surgery and the results are a process and have completed the development of the physical nose are eligible for rhinoplasty surgery. Nose aesthetics prices are the same as in 2018, with no increase in 2019. While it is effective to reduce the risks of having surgery performed by an experienced nasal aesthetic specialist, it should be noted that the risks of infection, bleeding and anesthesia can be the same as with other surgeries.

Used in rhinoplasty surgery anesthesia type

During surgery, local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia may be preferred, but this is also dependent on the nasal structure and the application of the method. In both types of anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain, but to give the surgeon a comfortable freedom of movement and the patient to be able to take the rest, a general anesthetic is preferred, which is widely seen. All the necessary examinations are carried out so that the patient does not develop any diseases that could prevent an increase in general anesthesia.

How is a nose correction performed?

What is a nose surgery operation, depends on the nose structure and the process, so that the operation is completed on average after 2 hours, the interventions are done by lifting the skin from the nose and the cartilaginous roof. Depending on the problems in the nose and the surgical technique to be used, different procedures are performed. To protect the newly acquired nose shape, the nose is applied with plaster or a plastic mold and a splint of the nasal crest and the operation completed. To fix the midline septum in the nose, silicone plaques or pads are inserted into the nostrils.

The process for the return to social life after the nose job operation

After rhinoplasty, a silicone pad is applied to the nose and a splint placed outside the nose to protect it from external influences. In general, the buffer is removed after 2 days and the splint after 5 days. A slight bruise and swelling, which will pass quickly after surgery, are to be expected. These bruises improve in 10-15 days and the swelling in 20-30 days. The raising of the head and the making of ice reels have a positive effect on the swelling. It is recommended not to wear glasses for 2 months.

Looking at our patient portfolio recently, our men have shown that they care about their appearance as well as the beauty of our women and are beginning to be interested in nasal surgery. With the development of social media, we see how many of our patients contact us and ask questions in this way.

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