Applications that come to mind when talking about aesthetic surgery

Applications that come to mind when talking about aesthetic surgery

Many patients are not fully aware of the scope of aesthetic surgery applications. Therefore, they are mislead by doctors or non-doctors who are not real plastic surgeons. They perform irreversible operations. We hope that we, the people with whom our patients come to us, who are afraid to turn to the Center for Aesthetic Surgery, will be able to show a way with it.

We can start with lipomatic (laughing and tickling) liposuction, an application technology that gives us a new weapon in the fight against fat; lipomatic liposuction gives you the benefit of being as light as a feat. Classic liposuction is a method of removing needles from the body by vacuuming excess fats with reciprocation. Therefore, it caused more pain on the body after the procedure. With the new method, however, it is possible to remove more fat and at the same time to tighten. Compared to classical methods, we can thus see that it is far superior in many ways.

The old classic method produces bruising and swelling. However, liposome liposuction results in less bruising and swelling. After the end of this application, as is the case with laser liposuction, a transient loss of sensation occurs, none of the problems arise. This application is a very comfortable application for the doctor. This system is also specific for adipose tissue and does not affect connective tissue when degrading fats. If it does not affect the connective tissue, the tissue is thus not damaged. A verb also protects the fibers that are binding to the skin. Therefore, no sagging of the skin is caused, which is a very important feature. Accompanied by our specialist, you can be convinced of our coveted application in our clinic for aesthetic surgery in Izmir.

If we need to list our services, which includes the field of aesthetic surgery, are included: liquid facelift (aesthetic face lift without surgery), breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction, tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty), forehead lift, eyebrow lift, eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty), jaw aesthetics (prosthesis , Genioplasty), neck lift, nasal aesthetics (rhinoplasty), ear aesthetics (scoop ear treatment), breast aesthetics (enlargement, reduction, firming), gynecomastia, abdominoplasty (abdominoplasty), liposuction, lipofilling, arm tightening, hair transplantation, scar removal, laser facial tuck, wrinkle removal and stain removal, exfoliation, mesotherapy, facial suspension (using rope technique), Ultherapy, PRP and fillings. Let's talk about the applications that most often connect our patients to the Izmir Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.

The most commonly used operations at the Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Izmir

Aesthetics is a topic that attracts much attention in Izmir. For this reason, we recommend that you first inquire well and conduct preliminary interviews in operations that require expertise and experience before deciding. One of our other accomplishments is rhinoplasty, where our goal is to positively change a person's self-esteem, body awareness, and psychology by making the appearance of the nose compatible with the aesthetic masses and other areas of the face through surgery. A nasal aesthetic surgery is generally recommended for girls 17 years of age and boys over 18 years of age. In addition to the expectation that the nasal tissue reaches adulthood, it is also important that a person has reached a psychologically sufficient maturity. We pay close attention to the fact that the person who wants to have a permanent change in face is psychologically prepared for this change, who realizes his expectations for the operation and has reached a certain level of maturity and balance in order to adapt to his new appearance to be able to adapt to the operation. The shape of the nose, which occurs after rhinoplasty, depends heavily on the bone and skin structure of the nose before surgery. Our doctor, who is at the Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Izmir, corrects the distortions and proportions in the existing structure during surgery. The goal is to maintain the nose that looks most natural and best on the patient's face. It is checked if the result is really natural and beautiful. A natural-looking nose that fits the patient's face will make both the patient and the doctor happy. It is also worth noting that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to achieve the most natural result in nasal surgery. Specialists who are experienced in their area and take care of the needs and wishes of their patients ensure that the patient gets the best possible result regardless of the price of the surgery.

Another application that we carry out in our Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is breast augmentation surgery, which is the process of enlarging a small breast by inserting a silicone prosthesis into the "pocket" formed under the breast tissue. If the breast is small, but the nipple and the skin are severely flaccid, the breast augmentation is performed by our specialist and experienced physicians along with breast repair (tightening, mastopexy). It is an operation that has a positive effect on the person's psychosocial status and quality of life. The breast examination should be done before the aesthetic breast surgery. Breast ultrasound and mammography should be examined in suspected cases or in persons over 40 years of age. Breast diseases that are overlooked in our Izmir aesthetic surgery clinic can be detected prior to surgery. A reference evaluation is also performed after an esthetic surgery. One of the most frequently asked questions in our clinic to the specialist is the process after surgery. A few hours after the breast enlargement, you can get up and have something to eat. Spending one night in the hospital can be useful in terms of bed position, pain control and close monitoring of possible complications. As we have told our patients, using an unremembered sports bra or bra is beneficial in controlling swelling and pain. After 3-5 days you can take a shower and start working. In the first week after breast augmentation, the breast is bigger and tighter than it was before. Over the days, it returns to its original size and becomes softer. You can rely on the control of our doctor with a clear conscience.

Let's come to one of the most popular and preferred applications of our patients at the Cosmetic Surgical Clinic Center in Izmir, to liposuction, which is done in the same way and with the required care. Surgical removal of excess fat at any area of ​​the body through the process of vacuum removal is an excellent way to reduce the amount of fat left by storing excess fat, but it is not an effective weight loss method. We would like to point this out to our patients who wish to have an application in this regard. People who are normally overweight or slightly overweight but are not satisfied with regional fat accumulation will get the best results. Both for hormonal and genetic reasons, fats are stored in males and females in different regions. Increasing the density of these bearings creates undesirable appearances by disrupting the contour. A healthy diet or a lot of exercise is expected to reduce fat accumulation. However, there are no significant changes in the areas around the hips, stomach and thighs in women and around the stomach in males. Liposuction is the only way to correct the contour by removing the fat stores in those regions. The procedure makes the person look more aesthetic and slimmer. However, our practice is not a weight loss method or a general body contour enhancement, but is a method of removing excess fat accumulation. Our experienced and specialized doctors at our aesthetic center in Izmir also use this application to remove fatty deposits in the jaw, neck, arms, breasts, knees and legs.

Before undergoing any procedures, you should contact our Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

One of our other services is the Liquid Facelift, which has become a trend in recent years, and in addition to many correct statements, also carries false statements which are applied in the best way in our clinical center. Liquid Facelift is one of the newest and most effective methods for non-surgical applications for rejuvenation and beautification of the face, which is done without surgery. Especially women who work at an intense pace may want to rejuvenate and flourish without being separated from their job and their family for a long time. Thanks to Liquid Facelift, which offers women this possibility, wrinkles and disappear, the skin becomes taut and the facial skin can look younger. Wrinkles on the edges of the eyes and wrinkles between the forehead and the eyebrows disappear. The application fills cheekbones and nasal grooves and dominates the jaw. The texture quality, the charisma and the tone of the skin lines become clearer. After a 30-40 minute session with our specialist in our Aesthetic Surgery Center, we ensure that the person will look 10 years younger. The main benefits of the treatment are that it lasts up to 18 months, requires a very short recovery time and provides a quick return to everyday life. As a rule, no bruising or swelling occurs after the application, the existing swelling comes back in a short time. Liquid Face Lifting is also used to treat chronic wounds without closure, for facial regeneration with mesotherapy, for filling acne or chickenpox scars and for treatment of burned, after surgical or traumatic cavities.

Falling eyelid surgery can be claimed because of a difficult birth or because of years of challenging gravity. Although it is considered a natural law, it is possible to stop or delay the aging process for a while. There are many surgeries that can be performed to prevent the symptoms of aging. The operation of eyelid aesthetics is carried out in the most professional way in our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Izmir. Eyelid aesthetics is a common surgery that can be performed in two different ways. This surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid depending on the size of the patient. This operation is used on a low eyelid. At this point the situation and the wishes of the person are considered. The surgery is often preferred by male and female patients over 50 years. However, it is also possible to use it in people over the age of 40 who complain of lack of eyelids. For this reason, it is recommended that anyone who suffers from a low eyelid and has problems, take a look at the eyelid aesthetics with the information of our specialist.

Try out new trend applications in aesthetic surgery in reliable hands

Our experienced and professional specialist carried out the salmon DNA application in our Aesthetic Surgery Clinic Center. The newly emerging application, according to the satisfaction of the people, the demand increases more and more. A natural look does not necessarily mean wrinkles around the eye, small lines that have begun to deepen, a skin that begins to dull and become slack. You can have a natural look with little medical aesthetic surgery at your age. It provides a fresher, smoother and firmer skin and can look more natural. In addition, it is possible to be at your natural age or at the age when you want to feel with medical aesthetic touch without compromising your naturalness. The application of salmon DNA is used to rejuvenate and tone mature skin. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body, decreases with age, making the skin look drier and duller. Drying skin loses its elasticity. Added to this is gravity, with which the sagging of the skin is unavoidable. The salmon DNA application in the Aesthetic Center of Izmir will be performed by our physician, as we age, in areas such as the face, neck and décolleté for skin rejuvenation, eyelid whitening, restructuring, swelling and removal of dark circles. To achieve successful results, we recommend performing skin rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation treatments on the face, neck and décolleté as a whole.

There are many patients who would like to receive information about ear-aesthetic procedures and have their surgery done by our doctor. There are many congenital malformations, which we call ears. The most common type are the so-called sail ears, where you can see the ears on both sides more than normal from the opposite side. In our country, children with many hearing problems are awaiting surgery at the age of 18. However, unlike most cosmetic procedures, there is no need to wait for 18 years for the aesthetic ear surgery. The auricle is a relatively fast-growing organ compared to other parts of the body. For this reason, the age factor is not the major factor in the timing of the surgery. Studies have shown that even 3-4-year-old surgery will not be a problem in the future. Surgery may be performed under general anesthesia at a younger age and in a secondary school in older age groups and in older age groups under local anesthesia. The patient can go home the same day. We recommend sleeping on a high pillow and on the back after ear surgery. Wearing heavy loads over a certain period of time, as well as strenuous squeezing and doing active sports, should be restricted. After the operation, the ear skin may be red and swollen. The band is worn for 2-3 weeks at night to prevent inadvertent bending of the pinna. If the operation is performed in the summer, sunscreen is recommended.

The last application we will be talking about as a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Izmir is the tummy tuck, performed by our specialist. Disorders of the abdominal structure can occur for many different reasons. The most common causes are irregularities due to weight loss after pregnancy and excessive fat accumulation in some areas, sagging and stretch marks in the skin, due to rapid weight loss without exercise. The purpose of the tummy tuck surgery is to remove excess and loose skin tissue, to shape the weakened abdominal muscles and the curvature of the lumbar region. It's a scar surgery. Therefore, it is very important to keep the incision area as low as possible so that the markers can be stored under the wash. However, it should also be noted that the scar will become more and more transparent over time. You should pay attention to your movements and bed position and not tense the suture line between 5 and 10 days after surgery, on the recommendation of our experienced physician, who has achieved ample success in the field of aesthetic surgery. You must also use the corset 2 weeks after the operation. In the first few weeks, you may feel swelling and pain. However, this will gradually decrease over time and then disappear. We have provided you with the most accurate information on surgery and aesthetic surgery applications that we have indicated in our section. You can contact us for more information and talk to our doctor. Please be assured that we will provide the necessary support.

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